Reduction in errors, increased speed, less busy work. These are all well-known reasons to automate the deployment of applications and infrastructure. While previously stated reasons are absolutely beneficial it cannot top the fact that without automation you cannot take advantage of the new container technologies. Concepts such as ephemeral containers, software defined networking, and dynamic workloads make it impossible to run an IT shop based on manual deployments. Our team of consultants can help you evaluate the different automation solutions available to you and leave you with a plan of action to guarantee success.

Configuration Management

ARVE Inc. helps customers to achieve standardization and compliance of code and infrastructure deliverables. They know what code, what configuration, and what system switches are active in any node of today's complex IT environments.

Deployment Lifecycle

ARVE consultants are helping customers to define automated tools for the entire application deployment lifecycle (build, approve, release, test, and deploy) at a frequency that was simply not possible just a few short years ago.


There any doubt the amount of testing is a leading indicator of an applications' success? But how much testing is enough? Did you test the right things? Is your test environment indicative of what will happen in production? ARVE consultants have a defined methodology and flexible tools to help customers assure the capability of systems.