Our Work

Business Process Management

Industry: Financial Banking

The customer, a Health Care provider in the service of claims processing, Medical authorizations, and Eligibility & benefits to financial institutions and brokerages worldwide. The company deals selling health, dental, vision & other insurance products as well as integrate with hospitals and providers nationwide.

The claims and authorization gateway currently receives an average of approximately one million transactions per day. Of these, a high number of them result in unmatched or unsettled for a variety of reasons, including issues with security set-up, missing/incorrect required data, etc. Due to the highly manual process used to resolve unsettled and unmatched claims, a significant number of the unmatched and unsettled claims may not settle on contractual settlement date.

With a BPM based solution, unmatched items are prioritized based on a set of ranking rules and then routed to associates based on their market skills as setup in the system. Associates pick items from their work queues in order of priority. As they view the details of an open item, additional reference data is provided to them via a callout to a set of distributed services, thus providing the associates with all the information they need to intelligently resolve these unmatched trades

SOA/API – Management

Industry: Financial Services – Capital Markets

For a major financial institution helped them to migrate their existing IBM WebSphere Data Power XI50 boxes and services to new XI52 virtual as well as physical appliances as well as implemented API management appliance to provide API management and governance.

Solution: Integration/SOA & Web Mobile Integration – Teller branch reengineering & Omni Channel solution

Industry: Financial Services – Banking

Arve Inc. has helped major banks/credit unions in North America improve and upgrade existing business functions with services oriented architecture without any major disruption to the day-to-day business. In addition, to process and technology improvements, the framework used by ARVE Inc. has allowed a major bank to perform one of the largest merger and acquisitions by loosely coupling the services to the systems they support. By using an SOA approach, the banking processes (tellers, call centers, retail, small-business and internet banking) are seamlessly integrated across multiple channels and allow the banking processed to be improved without impacting day-to-day operations and implemented Omni Channel experience with web and mobile integration.

Solution: BPM

Industry: Retail Food Industry

Arve Inc helped the client’s trading desk by creating a process-based solution to address retail supply chain, online shopping cart and rewards framework. The BPM solution converted the various manual processes into the orchestrated BPM workflow to streamline the inventory, ordering, purchasing and billing processes as well as provided a better customer experience.

Web and Mobile B2B Omni Channel Experience/API integration – Enterprise Architecture

Industry: Logistic Supply Chain – Semi Federal Government

Arve Inc helped an Semi Federal Government company to recreate their retail store as well as Omni channel implementation to their customers. The goal was to expose the products and services to digital as well as employee assisted channels. Increase the revenue by enabling Mobile/Tablet channel introduction and reach out to new segment of customers that cannot be tapped in earlier. This not only helped the to create Omni channel WOW customer experience , but also estiablish and compete with other national brands in market place.

Integration SOA / API Management – Credit Card Transaction Authorization and Approvals

Industry: Credit Card Networks

Arve Inc helped on the major Credit Card network company to implement a SOA/API management solutions where many tightly coupled processes and interfaces were converted in to loosely coupled SOAP / REST APIs orchestrated using the ESB and API management solution to cater heavy volume of the credit card authorization, blance inquiry and purchases. Connecting with other financial institutions as well as card networks to provide an excellent card user experience. In this set-up the solution catered millions of transactions 24 *7.